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Losing a loved one can be overwhelming. In addition to the emotional toll, there are a number of responsibilities that need to be addressed. Many find themselves unprepared and uncertain how to proceed.  


At Littleton & Rue, we strive to make this process as manageable as possible. That includes assisting with creating an obituary. 


We have the skill and experience to craft an obituary that includes all of the necessary details while making it unique to the person its honoring. All you need to do is help provide some of the information. It starts with an interview, allowing us to learn the story of your loved one so that we can create an obituary that reflects who they were. 


We’ll even write it out in front of you, confirming each piece to ensure accuracy. You have full control over what the final obituary says, and you can be as involved (or uninvolved) as you would like to be. 


For all of your funeral home needs, including obituaries in Springfield, Ohio, contact us today.


Writing an Obituary in Springfield, Ohio 


Obituaries seem simple at first, but many struggle to find the right words when they sit down to write it. It’s likely that you have a lot to say, and you may not be sure where to begin. First, it helps to understand the purpose of an obituary.  


The general goal of an obituary is to inform people of the death and announce when and where a service will be held for them. Beyond that, however, an obituary should convey the life they lived and the legacy they have left behind. 


For some, it’s as simple as stating their birth date along with the names of their immediate family. More commonly, however, people use obituaries to tell a brief story of the person’s life. This could include where they went to school, what they did for a living, achievements they made, and more. 


There will be people who read the obituary who knew your loved one well, and there will be others who never met them. It’s important to consider both audiences. While you don’t want to skip over details you believe to be important, you should keep it concise. 


It’s also common to include a picture with an obituary. Often, a more recent photo is used, but that doesn’t have to be the case. 


Ultimately, it’s your decision to say and show what you would like to regarding this person who meant so much to you. We want to help you do that. For assistance with final preparations and obituaries in Springfield, Ohio, Littleton & Rue is here for you. 

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