Creating a Unique Memorial

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Creating a Unique Memorial

At Littleton and Rue Funeral Home and Crematory, memorial services are not a routine. They are a true reflection of a person you know and love. We encourage families to help us make the essence of who a person was in life the focal point of the memorial services we conduct for them.

How we help you create a powerful memorial:

  • Photographic collages of the person from all stages of life
  • Displays of personal items owned by the individual, such as awards, trophies and uniforms, or favorite pastime items, such as musical instruments or things the person created
  • Writing of personal notes by family and friends during the service to be saved
  • Symbolic gestures like balloon releases, dove releases, or butterfly releases
  • Music, either performed by friends and family or selections from our extensive library
  • Readings of poems or passages of scripture meaningful to the person
  • Special customs particular to different faiths, ethnic groups, and fraternal organizations
  • There are ways to even make the funeral procession unique with motorcycles, horses, or unique automobiles
  • Custom service folders & registry books that reflect personal style and interests

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