Writing An Obituary With Funeral Homes

funeral homes in Springfield, OH

There are a lot of hard things that happen around funeral homes in Springfield, OH and that is mostly because you have lost a loved one when you are working with those professionals. You have to decide what kinds of services you want for that person and how you are going to pull everything together for the rest of your family. You want to honour them and give your family the chance to say goodbye, as they all deserve. Part of the process will likely be writing an obituary. How can you sum up someone’s life in a few short paragraphs? Here are some tips to help you get things in order where the obituary is concerned.


Look At Examples For Style And Tone


There are obituaries in the newspaper and on funeral home and cremation websites on a regular basis. It’s easy to find examples that you can read through and see what is usually included, what style they take on, and what the tone of them is. Read through enough of them and you will get a good idea for what is normal. The funeral home can also give you examples and/or give you a list of things that people usually include.


Gather The Bio Info


One of the things that is always in an obituary is a short bio of your loved one. That can be hard to figure out because you want to include everything you can about them. The obituary isn’t meant to summarize their whole life. They are much more than you could ever include in a few paragraphs. You just have to put a few important details in there so people will recognize them as someone they knew. Gather that information so it’s ready for when you need to write things up.


List The Pertinent Family Members


Obituaries generally have a section where you list family members that have preceded your loved one in death and those who are left behind. You want to decide how far out you are going. You might include parents, spouses, siblings, children, and grandchildren. That can be a long list if you have a larger family. Decide what relatives you will include and then make sure you don’t miss anyone in that range.


Consider Service Details


One thing a lot of people like to include is service details. The obituary can act as a death announcement, but it can also act as a service announcement. If you are opening services to the public, you can invite anyone who reads it through the obituary. IF services are closed and just for family, you can state that as well, but still list the funeral home that holds the plans so people can send cards and flowers if they feel led to do so.

funeral homes in Springfield, OH

Have Others Look Through The Info


Make sure several people and even the professionals at funeral homes in Springfield, OH have looked through the obituary for spelling and other errors. The experts at Littleton & Rue Funeral Home and Crematory are here to help with every detail.

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