Why Is Cremation More Popular Today?

cremation services in Enon, OH

There are two main processes you can choose when someone you love passes away. You can have a traditional funeral and burial for them or you can go with cremation services in Enon, OH. Both options are completely honorable and respectful. You are going to want to look through the choices and all of the pros and cons of each and choose what you feel is best for your situation. In the past, most people went with a funeral, but today, cremation has become more popular. The services are split in half with about half of the clients going with a funeral while the other half going with cremation. And cremation is predicted to rise even further and someday, may even hit as high as 80 percent of the market. So why has cremation overtaken funeral services in popularity and why is it on the way up even further? There are many reasons for that and here are a few to consider.


Budget-Friendly Aspect


One of the biggest reasons some people turn toward cremation over a traditional funeral is because of the budget. Not everyone has a large budget in place with which to honor a loved one who passed on. If they only have a little bit to spend, they can still take care of that person’s needs with a cremation. Cremation services don’t include nearly as many products and services, making them less expensive from the get-go. That makes them attainable for everyone who is in need of such services.


Planning Flexibility


There’s no such thing as a ‘good’ time for a loved one to pass on, but there are times when it could happen and feel impossible to make plans. Cremation allows planning flexibility. While your loved one is going to have immediate needs that you have to meet, you don’t have to plan very much right away. You can get the cremation taken care of and once that is behind you, the memorial service or whatever else you want to do can take place at any time.


Creative Outlet


Cremation services are known for being unique and personalized. While, in reality, no two funeral services are exactly alike either, they have traditions and ceremonies to them that can make them feel similar and familiar. If you want something unique and completely different for your loved one, cremation allows you to do absolutely anything you want.


Honoring Differences


With a funeral, you honor your loved one with a visitation, perhaps, a funeral service, and then a burial. With cremation, you can honor them in a variety of ways. You can have a memorial service that feels like a funeral, or one that feels more like a celebration of life. You can also honor them with an ash scattering, a family dinner, a party, or anything else you want to bring their personality to the forefront.


There are lots of other reasons why cremation services in Enon, OH are so popular today and the professionals at Littleton & Rue Funeral Home and Crematory can go over those details with you.

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