What To Say To A Mourning Family At The Cremation Service

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Sadly, there will likely come a time when you feel led to attend a cremation service in Springfield, OH. If a friend of yours has passed on, you will want to talk to the family members who have set the service up. It can feel awkward to talk to the family because no one really knows what to say to make them feel better. Keep in mind that there’s really nothing you can say or do that will take away their pain. Just be sincere and keep things simple. Your presence and support really will say it all.


I Was Sorry To Hear About Your Loss


This might sound generic, but it’s sincere and it still means a lot, no matter how many times the family might hear the sentiment from others. Telling someone you are sorry to hear that they lost a loved one is always a good way to go. You are sorry and saying so is a sincere thing to do.


I’ve Thought About Your Family A Lot


You have likely been thinking of your friend, the sadness in your own heart from having lost them, and their family and the loss they are feeling. Letting the family know that you have been thinking of them can also mean a lot. They need to hear that they have people supporting them, even from a far.


I Will Miss The Person


While the family has lost a crucial member, you have lost a friend and that is a loss as well. Let the family know that you are going to miss their loved one as well. That can mean a lot to them. They know the person was special and they will miss them. Hearing what they meant to other people can remind them just how important that person was.


I’m Available To Talk


Sometimes, a lot of support will come around the cremation services, but people can disappear after that. Let the family know you are there for them for the long haul, even if they need someone to talk to. They can reach out to you when they want to vent emotions or share more memories with someone who knew they loved one as well.


I Will Always Remember Your Loved One


Your friend was special to you and there might be things about them that you will remember. Hearing those things can be very memorable to the family. Let them know if you adored the way their loved one laughed or if their smile could light up any room. Hearing what their loved one meant to you can be special for them as well.


I’m Here To Help


There are things that the family might need around the cremation service in Springfield, OH, like help cleaning up after the reception, or help with meals for the family. Being there to help with some of those day-to-day things can help you to support them through this hard time.


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