What To Say At Ash Scattering Ceremonies

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There are many things you can do for a loved one after their cremation services in Enon, OH. Perhaps you want to scatter their ashes with close family members and friends. Most of the time, this will be a short, intimate ceremony, but you are going to want to have some things prepared to say at the event. Here are a few things you can consider.

Share Memories

Your family members and friends are always going to be open to hearing memories about your loved one. IT can be nice for them to hear something uplifting, a fond memory, that you have. You can allow others to share, or just designate one person to speak. The memories can be a nice thing to share as you gather to scatter their remains.

Read Something

You might not have the words to share that feel like the right fit off the tip of your tongue, and that’s okay. Instead, you could read something that you have prepared and bring with you. You could read a poem, scripture, lyrics, or even a letter you have written to your loved one. Lots of things can be appropriate and it can help you to have something in writing in front of you. You could always hand it off to someone else if you are too emotional.

Say A Prayer

Praying for your loved one, for your family’s healing, and other such things can help you to get a sense of peace around the scattering ceremony. You can say a prayer before you scatter the ashes, or after they are dispersed. This can be in addition to other things you say, or it could be the only words spoken to make it even more special.

Sing Together

If your loved one enjoyed music, even a particular song, you might have your family sing that song together as you disperse the remains. You could also sing before or after. It can feel meaningful to the whole family and it allows you to put special meaning behind that song for when you hear it in the future.

Have A Moment Of Silence

You want to honor your loved one during this ash scattering, but you might not have the words to speak that you feel would do them justice. You might simply want to have a moment of silence for them where everyone can reflect on their life and think their own thoughts.

When you decide on cremation services in Enon, OH for a loved one who passed on, there are lots of other decisions you are going to need to make after their remains are processed. You could have a memorial service, for example, or you could scatter their ashes. You can even do both, or something completely different. When you have an ash scattering, you want that service to be meaningful and it can be nice to prepare something to say, whether you speak or you ask someone else to do so for you. Honor your loved one in whatever way you see fit.

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