What To Place With Your Loved One During Cremation

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When you decide to go with cremation services in Enon, OH for a loved one who has passed on, there are certain questions you might have for the process. When the time comes to actually move forward with the cremation, for example, you might wonder what can go with them into cremation. You can always ask the cremation professionals if you have something specific in mind, but here are a few things you can place with them in the cremation container, generally.




You are able to dress your loved one in whatever you’d like for the cremation process. IT’s nice to know they are in their favorite clothes, their Sunday best, or even a brand new outfit. It can be comforting knowing that they are wearing something special or something they would appreciate.




Whether you dress your loved one in something or not, wrapping them in a blanket or laying a special one in there with them can be a comfort to you as well. You send them off in a comfortable manner that brings you peace of mind as you move forward with the process. It might be a special blanket or, if you want to keep that, something brand new that is soft and their favorite color.




You know you can’t go with your loved one, but your love can. Send some letters with them and let them know how much you are going to miss them, how much you love them, and what they meant to you during their lifetime. These letters can be like your final goodbye and as if you are sending a piece of yourself along with your loved one.




Again, you can’t go with your loved one, but it’s nice to know that your family is going along in picture fashion, perhaps. Put some favorite, recent family shots into the cremation casket with your loved one and in that way, you will always be with them.


Stuffed Animal


If your loved one had a favorite animal, or even a stuffed animal they adored, you might want to send it with them into cremation. It can be another comfort to you to know they are with something comfortable that is cuddly and soft. This can be especially true for younger family members who may have passed on, but it can even be valid for adults you want to comfort.


If you are trying to figure out what you want to do for your loved one’s cremation services in Enon, OH, take care of their needs first. You can get a cremation package with the professional and after that, it’s a good idea to start thinking about the specifics of the services you are going to hold for them. Contact the experts for ideas and options and they can let you know what you are able to place with your loved one during the cremation process. Any of the above items are good ideas and you can go from there towards other things.

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