What To Get As A Funeral Sympathy Gift

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When you hear that someone you know, perhaps a friend or co-worker, has lost a loved one, your heart goes out to them. You want them to know you are sorry for their loss and that you are thinking of them during this hard time. Many people send a gift to funeral homes in New Carlisle, OH for the family so they know they are there to support them. There are many different things you can send. Here are a few ideas to help you choose something they will appreciate.




Flowers are the most popularr sympathy gift, and probably always will be. They’re beautiful, work well as decoration in the background of the funeral, and can showcase your sympathy and support. There are many different types and colors and they all convey different meanings as well, so you can choose something that looks nice and means a lot, too.


A Gift Card


You might not want to overwhelm the family with flowers as perhaps they have already gotten quite a few. But you could get them a gift card that you know they can use at some point. Everyone needs groceries and gas, for example, and gift cards of that nature can be very thoughtful. You could also get a card to restaurants they like, or even a card for a spa so they can get a massage and relax once the services are behind them.




Scented candles can be very relaxing as well and perhaps you know that the person you are trying to support likes a certain scent. Plus, sometimes people light candles to honor a loved one they have lost, so that gift can be thoughtful as well.


Picture Frames


Your friend might want to memorialize their loved one in picture form within their house. Giving them a nice frame that they can use to place a photo of their loved one in can be a nice way to go. You can put a picture in for them or let them choose the shot they want.


Memorial Seeds


If you know your friend likes to garden, or perhaps their loved one was known for growing something specific, you can give them seeds that they might plant in memory of their loved one. When they plant them and as they watch the new life grow, they can think of their loved one, and of you.




Many people send sympathy cards as a way to reach out to the person who lost someone special, but you can also put money inside the card, if you so choose. This money can be used by the family to pay for the services they have at funeral homes in New Carlisle, OH, or it can be used to donate as a memorial for the person who passed on. Money is always a nice gesture and can be greatly appreciated, no matter how it is used by the family that receives it.


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