What To Do With Funeral Home Flowers

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When you have a loved one pass on and decide to have traditional services for them with funeral homes in Enon, OH, you’d better believe that people in your life, and people they knew, are going to reach out to your family with their condolences. The most popular thing for people to send is flower arrangements, but you might feel overwhelmed by everything you get. While you can’t keep all of the arrangements, there are some special ones that you might want to have stuck around. Here are some things you might do with some of those flowers.


Press In Photo Albums


Take a few flowers from a particular arrangement that meant a lot to you and perhaps press the flowers flat in a photo album. You can use a completely blank photo album and fill it in from front to back if you want. You might want to write beside each flower what it was and who it was from. Or, consider taking pictures of the arrangements and put a photo of the whole arrangement in the book next to the flowers you saved.


Dry Out And Arrange


If you hang the flowers upside down, they will dry out and maintain their color without wilting so much. It’s a nice way to preserve them for the future. Once they are dry, you can place them in a vase and perhaps put them in the china cabinet so you can see them as you remember your loved one in the future days.


Frame Them


There might be a few special flowers that you want to keep, but you aren’t sure how to protect them. Once they dry out, or after you have them pressed flat, you could make a nice arrangement on a mat and frame them so you can hang them on your wall. It’s nice to have the flowers near a picture of your loved one, perhaps, so you can keep them to remember the day you honored that person.


Make Ornaments From Them


Flowers might fit nicely into an ornament once they are dried out and you can then hang that on your tree every year in order to remember your loved one and the special arrangement that someone gave to you in their honor.


There are a lot of things you can do with the flowers you don’t want to keep as well. Perhaps talk to the funeral homes in Enon, OH about donating the flowers to area hospitals or nursing homes, for example. They might have connections with some of those places so you can ensure that someone else gets to enjoy the flowers that first helped you to honor your loved one through their final services. The professionals at Littleton & Rue Funeral Home and Crematory are here to help you with the entire service planning and implementation process from start to finish. We want the best for your loved ones and we will honor them in whatever way you see fit.

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