What Items Can Be Included In The Cremation Process?

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While there are some things that can’t be sent into cremation services in Springfield, OH with a loved one, there are also items that can be included. If you want that process to be special, here are some things you can include with your loved one as they go into the crematory.




Your loved one can wear whatever clothing you want them to wear for the cremation process. Some people send their loved one into cremation with nothing on, and that’s fine. You can also have them wear a robe, their hospital gown, pajamas, or even their Sunday best. Whatever you want them to wear is something that can be special to you and meaningful to think about as well.


Soft Stuffed Animals/Toys


You may feel like your loved one is alone when you send them into the crematory, and that’s not a nice feeling. You could send them in with a stuffed animal or another soft toy and that’s a nice thought. If they had a pet, for example, you can get a stuffed animal that looks similar to that pet and that can help you to keep those two together. You can also send something you know they would appreciate just so you have peace of mind that they are not alone.




It’s always nice to send your loved one into the cremation process with some of your words. You can let them know how much you love them and things you appreciated about them. It can give you closure and be rather cathartic to say things in writing. It is also a nice thought to send your loved one in with those things.


Wooden Items


Your loved one can take wooden items into the cremation service with them. You can send them with a rosary, an engraved name, something you created out of wood, or a number of other things. Wood will work just fine with the cremation process.




You likely have a lot of pictures of your loved one and family shots are a great thing to include with them as you move forward with the cremation service. Photos can help you to stay with them during the process and remind you that all of you are still with them.




Flowers are a lovely thing to include as a decoration and a nice scent. Your loved one can have some of the flowers you are using for their memorial to take into the cremation portion of the process.




If your loved one was an avid reader, or had a favorite book, it’s nice to include that with them in the cremation container. You can place it in there knowing they are taking something they appreciated with them.


Some Jewelry Options


There are certain pieces of jewelry you can send with your loved one into the cremation services in Springfield, OH, too. If a child made a knot bracelet out of string, for example, send it along as a nice memory.

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