What Do Cremated Remains Weigh?

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There are many questions you might have about cremation services in Enon, OH, and you should always ask those details. The cremation providers are there to help you with any information you want, no matter what you want to know. They would like for you to have all of the information you need to make the right decisions. One thing you might wonder about is how much the cremated remains actually weigh. Here are some answers to that question.


Most Of The Time Between 4 and 8 Pounds


Most cremated remains weigh between 4 and 8 pounds. It’s a small amount when you think of a human being and their size and weight when they were alive. That weight of remains can put your mind at ease about the containers and what they can hold. You can put that amount of weight into most containers and it will hold them well.


Height And Weight Matters


The height and weight of your loved one matters a good deal when it comes to the final weight of the remains. However, even if your loved one was taller and heavier, their remains aren’t going to weigh very much. You don’t have to worry about needing help to life the remains in the urn. You should be able to move the urn around yourself, as could anyone else in your family.


Even Larger People Won’t Weigh Much


It’s nice to know that even a larger individual isn’t going to weigh all that much when the cremated remains are returned to you. It makes the person’s remains manageable, whether you are going to bury them, scatter them, or keep them in your family home. You have a lot more options when it comes to moving the person around than you would if you were dealing with the actual body.


Base Urn Choices On Capacity


When you are looking at urns, you will want to know what capacity you need based on your loved one’s height and weight. It takes a lot of ashes to add up a pound. The ashes won’t weigh that much, but they do take up space. The capacity of an urn will tell you how much volume you have available for your loved one’s remains. You can get something with a larger capacity than you need, but you will want something at least as large as the cremation provider indicates to hold all of your loved one’s ashes.


It's nice to know that cremated remains aren’t going to weigh that much after the cremation services in Enon, OH you have for your loved one. You can have confidence in the idea that you will easily be able to move them around however you please. Cremated remains are very portable and you can travel with them, move them to their final resting place, or place them in various locations within your home as needed. The professionals can help you to understand whatever else you want to know about cremation, the remains, what they weigh, or anything else.

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