Ways To Honor A Loved One Around Funeral Home Services

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One of the first things you will likely do when you are put in charge of a loved one’s final services is figuring out which one of the many funeral homes in New Carlisle, OH you want to use for their funeral or cremation service. That is important to do because you are going to want to take care of their needs in an efficient and effective manner. You also need to consider your family and what they need as everyone will have certain things they have to get in order to move forward. But there are lots of ways you might go about honoring your loved one on your own once their needs are cared for and the final services are behind you. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Take Time Off From Work To Reflect

You may have taken some time off to plan and attend the final services, but you might want to take more time off so you can reflect on your loved one’s life and grieve on your own and with another family. It can be a time of togetherness, supporting one another, and making a plan for moving forward as a unit. Enjoying your family and setting a new sense of normal can help you to go back to work with everything you need to move into the future.

Plant A Tree For Them

There are lots of things you can do for your loved one, but planting a tree can be especially meaningful. You can plant a tree for them in your yard so that every time you look out your window, you are able to enjoy memories of them and the idea that new life was planted in their memory. You can also plant a tree in their favorite park or along a path they enjoyed to memorialize them in a natural setting, too.

Visit Their Grave

Once your loved one is buried, if that’s the direction you decide to take for them, you can visit their grave to honor them at any time. You might bring flowers, or just stop by during your lunch hour and spend some time with them. It’s nice to have a place to go when you want to think of them and remember them.

Write To Them

Even though you can’t send a letter to your loved one, you could break out a journal and write a letter to them. This could be your way of saying goodbye or telling them things you never got a chance to say in person when they were alive. You can also write to them to update them on things that are going on in your family.

Host Family Memorial Dinners

Gathering your family together after services, even far after funeral homes in New Carlisle, OH has honored your loved one can also be honoring to them. Bring the family together to remember that special person that all of you adored and want to carry with you in your heart.


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