Unique Gifts To Give Around Cremation Services

cremation services in New Carlisle, OH

When you hear that someone you know has lost a loved one, and is having cremation services in New Carlisle, OH for them, you might want to reach out to them with some kind of gift. While most people will send a card, money, or flowers, you might want to do something that will stand out as unique and thoughtful. Here are a few options to consider.


Memorial Jewelry


Memorial jewelry can be something like cremation jewelry, if you know your friend is going to want a piece so they can keep their loved one’s ashes inside and wear it when they want to think of them. It can also be something like an angel pendant necklace or a bracelet with their loved one’s birthstone included. Anything that will make them think of their loved one can be a thoughtful way to go.


An Experience


You don’t have to give your friend a ‘thing’, persay, but might rather want to give them an experience. You can give them a card that lets them know when they are up for it, you’d like to take them to the nearest winery for a tasting. You can offer them a gift card to a nearby bed and breakfast so they can get away with their spouse when they have the services behind them. You can come up with other experience options that can help them to appreciate time away and a new option.


Personalized Journals


If your friend tends to work out their emotions better in writing, you might want to give them a journal. You can get plenty of journal options, but you might want something personalized. You can have something embossed onto the journal or look for something that specifically suits their personality. If they love sloths, for example, get a journal with that animal on front to make them smile.


Blankets From Clothing


This is something you would have to talk to your friend about in advance, but you could offer to make a blanket or quilt from their loved one’s clothing. They could gather the special shirts or ties, among other items, and make them into a blanket that they can use to wrap themselves up in when they want to think about their loved one. It can feel like a warm hug from their loved one. And it will help them to think of the special person (you!) they have in their life who made it for them, too.


When you are thinking about someone who has lost a loved one, you might want to do something special to support them around the cremation services they are planning in New Carlisle, OH. One thing you can do is simply go to the memorial services if you are invited. That show of support can mean a lot to your friend. You can also reach out to them later and ensure they are okay with their grief. These unique gifts are also nice gestures that can mean a lot to your friend.

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