Tops Reasons People Plan Cremation Services

More people plan cremation services rather than funeral services for their deceased loved one. If you find yourself needing to contact a funeral home to arrange a final service, you’ll want to consider both funeral services and cremation services in Enon, OHAgain, more and more families are choosing cremations, and you’ll see that there are some primary reasons for this. 


What follows is a look at why cremation services now outpace funeral services by a wide marginOnce you know the details, you will get to choose what option is best for your family. 


Cost is Right 

The main reason cremation services are more common than funeral services is the cost. Cremations are much less expensive than funerals. So if you and your family have a tight budget or simply don’t wish to spend more than you have to, cremation is an attractive option. Also consider that paying less for a cremation doesn’t mean cheapening the final service. Cremations and funerals are both great body disposition options – and neither is better than the other. It really all comes down to what works best for you and your family. 



It’s a lot less complicated to plan a cremation service than it is to plan a funeral service. So if you need to plan but want to keep things as simple as possible, then it makes sense to consider planning a cremation. That said, working with the right funeral home means you’ll get all the help you need whether you want to plan a cremation or a funeral. The funeral director will be there to help you make the big and small decisions. So don’t shy away from a funeral service just because the planning process is a bit more work. The funeral director will facilitate the process.  



If you plan a funeral and a casket burial, your loved one will be buried in a cemetery plot. And that will be it. But if you go with a cremation, there will be loads of options after the body disposition is completed. You can take the ashes home in a cremation urn, you can bury the urn someplace, you can scatter the ashes, you can place the urn in a columbarium niche, you can divide the ashes among multiple urns so that various loved ones can take some of the ashes with them, and you can do many other things. You might want to ask the funeral director for even more options for the ashes. Chances are you’ll be surprised at the many options. 


As you can see, there are a few reasons why people in Enon OH plan cremation servicesAs a death care services provider dedicated to helping people with their final services planning needs, we offer funerals, cremations, pet cremations. cremation jewelry, memorial markers, and much more. Let us know what we can do to help you. Our owners all live in the community, and we all personally meet with families who come to us for help. No other funeral or cremation services provider is as involved with, or committed to being of service to, people in this community. So for the help you require, get in touch by phone or pay us a visit.

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