Things No Funeral Director Will Ever Say About Cremation Services

If your intention is to arrange a cremation service in Enon, OH, you’ll want to find a funeral home that you can depend on. Once you’ve decided upon the funeral home you want to hire, you’ll need to get down to business with the funeral director.


This industry professional will help you from beginning to end, so you can throw whatever questions you want at them. They’ll be sure to give you the answers you need. And you won’t have to worry about hearing any nonsense such as any of the following statements.


“The Only People Who Plan Cremations Are Those Who Want to Save Money”

The main reason people plan cremations over funerals is that cremations are definitely a lot cheaper than funerals. But the cost savings is not the only reason why cremations are becoming more and more popular among people from all walks of life. Cremations also offer a great deal of flexibility since you will have options for the cremated remains of your deceased loved one. You can scatter the ashes, bury the urn, get cremation jewelry, and do a lot more things.


“Cremations Are Only for Atheists and Agnostics”

No funeral director will ever tell you that only atheists and agnostics should consider cremation as a body disposition. While cremation might appeal to groups who would rather avoid the religious undertones at most funeral services, the fact of the matter is that people of faith are also increasingly planning cremation services. So whether you don’t believe in a god, aren’t sure if there is a god, or most certainly believe in a god, cremation is an option to consider.


“You Can’t Combine a Cremation with a Funeral Service”

Many people mistakenly believe that planning a cremation means you can’t have a funeral service or visitation. This is most certainly untrue. You can definitely plan a formal service that will allow family and friends to come together to honor the memory of a deceased loved one. Such an event can take place either prior to the cremation or after the cremation.


“Cremation is Better Than a Funeral”

While you might have a preference as per body disposition type, the truth is that funerals and cremations are both suitable body disposition options. One is not inherently better than the other. It really comes down either to what the deceased had wanted or – if the deceased did not make their wishes known prior to their passing -- what the family of the deceased wants.


When you’re ready to arrange a funeral service or cremation service in Enon, OH, we’re here to assist. We offer cremation services, funeral services, pet cremations. cremation jewelry, memorial markers, and much more. Our owners all live in the community, and we all personally meet with families who come to us for help. Let us know how we can help. You can reach us by phone or visit us in person.

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