The Power Of Memorial Services After Cremation

cremation services in Springfield, OH

When you decide to go with cremation services in Springfield, OH for your loved one, the only thing you have to do is choose a cremation package on their behalf. At that point, their needs are taken care of. However, having a memorial service, while not required, can be a very powerful thing for your family. Here are some of the things that a service of that nature can do for the people left behind.


Allow Family To Gather In Support


One of the best things for you and the rest of the people in your family who adored your loved one is the support you can bring to each other. While you can support each other at any time, having a memorial service allows you to gather together and be in the same place at the same time. Your family might not normally get together and it can be hard to gather everyone. But for an important, special occasion like a memorial service, more people are likely to make the effort.


Say That Final Goodbye


When someone dies, you might feel the need to say a final goodbye. Perhaps you were with the loved one in the hospital when they passed on and you got the chance to say goodbye, but that might not be the case for most of the people in your family. Others can say their final goodbye at the memorial service and having that opportunity can really help them to move forward.


Get The Necessary Closure


Closure is an important part of the grieving process as it helps people to understand that the person they loved has left and they are not coming back. Without that, it’s hard to move on. Having a memorial service puts a stamp on the person’s life and can help everyone feel that they have the closure they need to move ahead.


Honor Your Loved One In Some Way


Once your loved one’s needs are met with cremation, you might still have the desire to do more for them. There’s nothing wrong with honoring someone after their cremation and many families do a variety of different things in order to do just that. You could have a traditional service that feels somewhat like a funeral or you can have a celebration of life. It’s up to your family what kind of memorial you have, but anything you do can honor your loved one and it can feel really good to give them something you feel they deserve.


There are other things that will benefit your family about memorial services after cremation services in Springfield, OH, and the professionals at Littleton & Rue Funeral Home and Crematory are here to help you figure those things out. You can keep the services simple, like a small gathering at a family home or an ash scattering ceremony in a special location. Or you can do something larger like a funeral home memorial that is open to the public. The options are there to consider.

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