Telling People About A Death And Cremation Services

It’s hard to tell people you know and love that a beloved family member has passed on. But that might be a job that falls to you and someone has to take care of distributing the information. You are going to want to call certain people on the phone and others you can tell the information in other ways. You will also need to let people know about the cremation services Enon, OH and the memorial service you might plan as well.


What Can You Say?

There are certain people you know you have to call and what can you say to them? The best idea is to be direct and to the point. Tell them you called for a serious reason so you don’t get into chit chatting and catching up. Let them know that your loved one was ill or in an accident and then tell them that the person passed on. It can be hard to offer comfort over the phone, so you might want to start the conversation by asking them if there is someone there with them so they have support from someone nearby if they need it.


Offer Service Details

You might not have the service details worked out the first time you make phone calls because you simply need some people to know the person has passed right away. You can then call them back in a day or two when you have more details and let them know what’s planned for the final services. You may just tell them the person has been cremated or you may have memorial information, depending on what you decide to do for the timing of it all.

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Use The Obituary For The Community

While some people deserve a phone call, your loved one might know people in the community that you don’t know or they may have friends you don’t have access to. For those people, the obituary can act as an announcement. Post it on the funeral home website, in certain newspapers, and possibly even on social media to get the word out as far as you can.


Offer Choices For Helping

When you talk to family members and friends by phone, once the initial shock over the death wears off, you might want to offer them options to help. Some people might offer to help and once you’ve thought things through a bit, you can possibly give them jobs, even if they are small, that can help you and make them feel more involved.


When you are working on cremation services Enon, OH for a loved one, once that person is in professional hands with Littleton & Rue Funeral Home and Crematory, you have time to think about the services you want to have for them and you can make the phone calls you have to make to inform family members and friends. The professionals can help you to get the details together and figure out what you should say.

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