Tailoring Your Loved One’s Funeral Service

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No two funeral services are identical. When you work with the professionals at funeral homes in Enon, OH, you get to pick and choose between the options and add customized details that no one else has had before. Plus, keep in mind that when you are honoring your loved one, it’s about them. They were unique and one-of-a-kind. Since the service revolves around them, it will be unique even if you do the exact same thing someone else has done before. Here are some things you can do to find the right path for your loved one’s funeral service.


Consider Your Loved One’s Vibe


Making decisions for a loved one’s service can be hard, but you are going to want to follow their wishes every step of the way. However, if they didn’t leave plans behind, that means you have to guess at what they would have wanted. Think about their style and personality. That will help to guide you through what you need to do for them. When you think about their overall vibe, that can help you to figure out what types of customizations would be best for highlighting that person’s personality.


Decorate To Their Liking


Your loved one might have had certain decorative likings and you can use that kind of décor to make the funeral home service stand out to your loved ones. You know your loved one adored daisies. Use that happy little flower as the flower of choice at the funeral. They liked the color red so you can splash that around the room with flowers, table coverings, and other such things. Decorating the venue is under your supervision and you can customize things to what your loved one would appreciate.


Choose Their Music


What type of music did your loved one like the most? Use those genres and those songs in the funeral. You can play music before and after the service or you can have live music cover a certain song. Using songs that you know your loved one liked will help people to remember certain things about them. It can bring memories and emotions all at the same time.


Talk To Family For Ideas


You might be in charge of the funeral services, but that doesn’t mean you have to make all of the decisions alone. In fact, you have family member supporting you through the process and they knew and loved the person who died as well. They might have an idea for the reception mean, a speaker for the funeral, and other such things. It can help to talk to other people to get ideas for the service. They might help you to go in the right direction or they might give you a whole new idea.


Working with the professionals at funeral homes in Enon, OH can help you to figure out how to make the funeral unique, but you get to make the decisions. Once you get the details together, the funeral home professionals can carry them out for you and honor your loved one in just the right way.


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