Reasons Why Some People Don't Preplan Their Final Service

It makes sense to preplan your final service. While many people shirk at the idea of going to an Enon, OH funeral home to arrange their funeral service or cremation service in advance, there are many important reasons to preplan. For one thing, making arrangements will spare your family from having to do so for you after your passing. Preplanning also means that you’ll be able to plan the final send-off you want. There are also benefits as well. And while this is definitely the case, there are some common reasons why some people don’t preplan.


Family Will Do All the Planning

Some people choose not to preplan because they believe that it’s the responsibility and privilege of their loved ones to plan a funeral service or cremation service in their honor. While this scenario plays out across the state on a regular basis, this doesn’t mean that the status quo is ideal. When you leave the task of planning your final service to your loved ones, you will be making things harder for them than they will be for you if you simply take the time to preplan. You won’t be under the stress they will be if they have to plan right after your passing. So while it will be an honor and a privilege for your family to plan your final service, you can nonetheless save them a world of stress if you contact a funeral home and make the arrangements yourself.


Preplanning Will Take Way Too Much Time

Another reason why some people don’t preplan is that they imagine that the process will eat up a lot of their time. But the preplanning process won’t take as long as you might think it does. This is especially the case if you come to the preplanning consultation prepared. The funeral director will let you know what you need to bring. So if you come prepared, you’ll see that it won’t take long to make funeral or cremation arrangements. You can also preplan online, which will make the process a lot more convenient. This means you’ll be able to do it from home, or from wherever you wish, at any time you want. Who knew preplanning could be so easy?


Preplanning is Really Expensive

It’s actually cheaper to preplan and to prepay now than for your family to plan and to pay later. The reason is that the price you prepay now will be locked in. So any price increases that occur leading up to the time when your final service will be held won’t be applicable to you or yours.


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