Reasons To Respect Your Loved One’s Wishes

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When someone you love dies, it’s hard to find one of the funeral homes in Enon, OH to care for them when all you want is to have them back yourself. Death can’t be reversed, but there are still some things you can do for your loved one, even though they have passed on. You can respect their final wishes, for example. If you know what they wanted, there are reasons to move in that direction.


Out Of Respect For Your Loved One

The biggest reason to follow your loved one’s final wishes is simply out of respect for them. They knew what they wanted and they told you what that was. Out of respect for their final wishes, and them as a person, you will want to move in that direction. It can be as simple as that.


To Follow Their Beliefs

If your loved one had certain beliefs or traditions in mind, following those can be important to you. Follow their final wishes and that will help you to honor their beliefs. Perhaps they want a burial and funeral because that’s what their religion prefers. Or maybe they like the idea of cremation because they believe in the idea of ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Whatever their final wishes are, there might be customs and beliefs behind it and that can be an important reason to move forward with their ideas.


To Avoid The Burden Of Decisions

When a loved one passes on, one of the hardest things to do is plan their final services while you are emotional and grieving. If your loved one told you what they wanted, following those wishes can remove the burden of decisions from you. They said they wanted a simple cremation, for example, so you can arrange a direct cremation according to their wants. You don’t have to worry about guessing and making decisions they wouldn’t appreciate.


So You Don’t Have Regrets Later

If you know what your loved one wanted, and you do something else, it can lead you to have regrets later. For example, maybe your loved one wanted cremation, but you went ahead with a funeral and burial instead. You might regret that later because you went against their wishes and that might feel disrespectful to you.

Keep in mind that no matter what you do for your loved one, the funeral homes only have honorable options. It’s always best to go with a person’s wishes, if you know what they are, so you can honor what they wanted and have peace of mind that you did just that. However, no matter what your loved one wanted, the professionals at funeral homes in Enon, OH are there to help you with the planning and implementation process. Your loved one may have had certain ideas on their services, but they may not have filled in all of the details for you. There are still choices to be made and the experts can help with them all.

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