Possible Mourning Rituals After Funerals

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The traditional services that funeral homes in Enon, OH have can help you to get what you need to move forward with your life after a loved one passes on. But as you grieve through the hard times, there might be other things you want to do to remember them well. Here are some other rituals and options to honor them and remember them in a nice way.


Create Art In Memory


If you are artistic, you might want to create a new piece of art in your loved one’s memory. Use all of their favorite colors or paint a tree that you planted in their honor. A new art piece can honor them as you create it, but it can also sit in your house and be something you remember them by.


Cook Favorite Meals


Your loved one likely had favorite dishes and when you want to think about them, you may like cooking those things. You can invite family over to have a meal or just eat the things they liked on your own when you want to remember them. You can also cook favorite recipes for others and brag about how your loved one came up with certain things.


Light Candles


Lighting candles can be a cathartic way to remember someone as you mourn and grieve for them over time. You can light a candle in church, or even in your own home, and offer some special words for your loved one in a ritual that can mean a lot to you.


Write A Goodbye Letter


You may not have gotten a chance to say goodbye to your loved one and if that is the case, you don’t want to leave things unsaid. Writing a goodbye letter to them can help you get those things out and vent your emotions at the same time. You might make it a tradition to write to them every year, every month, or even every week. With grief, you have to do what feels good to you to get through it.


Preserve Memory Item


Your loved one likely left a lot of earthly possessions behind and you can preserve those items as memories of them. If they had a statue collection, let family members each take one to have something special of them. You can also place a photo of them next to that item to help you remember them every time you look at it.


There are lots of ways to remember and honor a loved one, even after the services you have for them at funeral homes in Enon, OH. If you need help coming up with options, or you want to reach out for extra help with your grief, the professionals at Littleton & Rue Funeral Home and Crematory have ideas and grief resources available to you. While we are happy to help with final services, we are also here with you for whatever you need during the grieving process. Give us a call with any need you have at any time.

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