Planning Religious Funeral Home Services

funeral homes in New Carlisle, OH

There are many different ways you can plan services with funeral homes in New Carlisle, OH, but if your loved one was religious and held their faith near and dear, you might want to have some kind of a religion service to give them the send off you want for them. There are lots of different ways you can incorporate their faith into their services. It can even be a comfort to your family to go that direction. Here are a few plans to consider as you move forward with plans.


Consider A Church Service


Whether you want to have a traditional funeral or a memorial after a cremation service, you can have the service in a variety of locations. Funerals are harder to move around location-wise, but you can have the final service at the funeral home or at your local church. Both can be religious in nature. You could also have a memorial service at a church, if you’d like. Outdoor church services are also an option to consider.


Choose A Leader As Officiant


There are a variety of different officiants that you could choose for a loved one’s services. If you want the service to be religious in nature, you may want your loved one’s pastor or church leader to be the officiant of the service. That can help to infuse the faith of the church into the service in a variety of ways. Pastors often have to officiate services of a number of kinds including regular church services, weddings, and yes, funerals as well. They can do a nice job since they know your loved one and their faith well.


Go With Religious Traditions


It’s a good idea to put religious traditions into the service if you want to highlight your loved one’s faith. You can have hymns included, readings from the Bible, certain prayers, and other such things that go along with your loved one’s faith. The service can feel like a combination of a church service and a funeral all at once.

 funeral homes in New Carlisle, OH

Ask The Church For Advice


If you aren’t sure how to go about having a religious service for your loved one, talk to the church for advice. They can tell you what sorts of things are usually incorporated and what you might want to do in order to include your loved one’s faith in the final service.


When you are trying to figure out what to do for your loved one’s final services, funeral homes in New Carlisle, OH are here to help. Whether you want to include your loved one’s religious beliefs or you don’t have any idea what you want to do yet, the professionals at Littleton & Rue Funeral Home and Crematory are here to help. We won’t make decisions for you, but we will support whatever you want to do for your loved one to honor their memory. Once you make decisions, we will implement them for you and ensure that your loved one gets nothing but the best possible care.

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