Planning A Reception With Ease

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When you are trying to plan out final services for a loved one with funeral homes in New Carlisle, OH, you are going to want other things going on around you to come together as easily as possible. That includes the reception you might want to have for your family after the funeral is complete. There are many ways you can go about planning that part of the event with ease. Here are a few ideas:


Let A Community Group Take Care Of Details


You might have a community group, or even a friend, come forward and offer to take care of the reception for you. Let them! If someone is willing to take that off your shoulders, it’s nice to allow someone else to take care of that on your behalf. You have the power to tell them if you have any requests, or you can just be grateful for their help and let them do whatever they feel is best and would be nice for your family.


Have A Restaurant Provide A Meal


There are a lot of ways you can go about having a reception, but it could very well be easier on you and your family if you simply book a restaurant’s private room and have them provide a meal. You can either order a family-style meal, or you can allow everyone who attends to order what they want when they arrive so they all get what they want. You don’t have to set up or clean up and you don’t have to worry about the food, either. That makes things simple.


Let Family Contribute Potluck Style


You don’t have to do all of the work where a reception is concerned. You might want to have a potluck meal where everyone brings something they enjoy and contributes it to the meal as a whole. You can assign certain dishes or certain types of things, if you want, so you are able to make sure all of the best things are covered. It takes a lot of the heat off of you to share the load with others in this way.


Have A Memory Table


Memorial services are always present with your loved one’s memories, but you might want to have a memory table at the reception after the funeral service as well. You can place pictures, photo albums, and other such things. You can even allow family to write memories in a book or something else to honor your loved one and share some things with everyone else.


Create A Background Playlist


If you are going to have a sound system available, it’s nice to have music playing and you are going to want something your loved one would enjoy. Create a playlist that you know they would appreciate where every song is one that reminds you of them. Music can bring up a lot of emotions and memories and you might want something upbeat for the reception portion of the event with funeral homes in New Carlisle, OH.

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