Memorializing Someone After Cremation

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There are lots of things you can do for a loved one after cremation services in New Carlisle, OH to memorialize and honor them. Once the cremation is complete, you can take your time with the options, too. There’s no timeline for anything you might do. You can think it over and move forward whenever you are certain about what you want to do. Here are some options to consider.


Get A Tattoo With the Remains

One thing you might want to do is get a tattoo to commemorate your loved one’s life. You can get a tattoo of their initials, an animal they liked, a heart or something else. The tattoo itself can memorialize them, but you can also use a few of their remains if you want. The remains can be mixed with the ink and they can become a permanent part of you. This is a way to keep a small bit of your loved one close to you forever in a meaningful manner.


Create Art With Remains

Another thing you could do is mix a little of your loved one’s remains with paint, clay, or even liquid glass and create (or have created) a piece of art. These pieces are going to be very special to you and they are something you will use to memorialize and honor your loved one. They can also be something you pass down through the generations as pieces that are more special than anything else you have of that sort.


Wear Cremation Jewelry

There are many different cremation jewelry pieces that you might consider for a few of your loved one’s ashes. You can place some of their remains in the jewelry container and wear them close to your heart whenever you want to think of your loved one. You can also keep the jewelry in a place of honor within your house if you don’t want to wear it, or between uses.


Have A Regular Dinner

Your family is going to be important to you when you lose a member. You might want to have a regular meal with them in honor of your loved one. Perhaps your loved one was the center of the family and they had everyone over on a regular basis. You can have a regular meal with your family in their honor. Have some of their favorites or share memories to keep them a part of those celebrations.


Create A Memorial Quilt

The person who died likely left behind a lot of belongings, some of which are clothing. You might donate many of the items, but some of them might be too special to pass on. Instead, you could consider creating a memorial quilt. The quilt is something that will be very special to you. When you miss your loved one the most, you can wrap up in it and it can feel like a hug from them.


Plant A Tree Annually

Planting a tree for your loved one after cremation services in New Carlisle, OH can be very special. But you might want to take it another step and plant a tree every year for them.

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