Memorial Walls Help You Remember The Cremated

Cremation services in Enon, OH

Cremation services in Enon, OH are a nice way to honor a loved one after they pass on. You can give them everything they need, even with a simple cremation package. You can then take your time in figuring out what you want to do for that person by way of a memorial service and final resting place. Once those things are behind you, you might feel the need to place something in your house as a permanent memorial for your loved one. How about a memorial wall? Here are some details.

Decide On A Location

The first thing you are going to have to do, once you decide on a memorial wall, is figuring out where you are going to locate that wall within your home. Maybe you have the perfect blank wall as it is, or maybe you will have to clear some things off a wall in order to make room for what you want to do.

Think About Pictures

There are a variety of things you may want to include on the memorial wall, and pictures will likely be one such thing. Look through the pictures of your loved one and see what you want to include. Do you want something that shows them later in life, as you remember them? Do you want family shots? Perhaps pictures of them throughout their life? There are certainly plenty of options and you get to decide on the shots you will see the most often on your memorial wall.

Consider A Shelf

You might want to install a shelf on the wall as well. There are a variety of things you can place on that shelf as a memorial to your loved one. You might place your loved one’s urn on that shelf, for example, and keep their remains right there in your home. You might also place certain items they loved, like the glasses that they always wore, a book they read every year, and other such precious items.

Frame Other Things

You can surround the pictures with other special things that you might like seeing. You can frame your loved one’s obituary, for example, or perhaps the bulletin from their memorial service. You can frame the poem someone read or decoration from the reception, among other things. These items can add style and make the wall that much more special.

Share It With Others

Having the wall can mean a lot to you and the family members that live with you, but you can also share it with others who come over and visit you. You can show it to the family when they come over for dinner, or you can have friends look it over. It’s a nice way to share your loved one’s memorial wall with other people you care about.

If you’d like some kind of memorial to your loved one after their cremation services in Enon, OH, you might want to create a memorial wall for them so your family can remember them well into the future.

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