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Not everyone is fortunate enough to never have used funeral homes in Enon, OH for final services before. In fact, most people have attended some kind of funeral or memorial service in the past. If you’ve had the opportunity to make plans for a loved one and now, you have to make plans for someone else in your family who has passed away, you might gravitate toward the funeral home you used in the past and that’s okay. But there are also reasons why you might want to make a change and use different professionals this time. Here are a few reasons:


1-You Didn’t Appreciate The Services Last Time


If you didn’t like the outcome of the services you planned last time, for whatever reason, you might feel going with a different funeral home this time can help you to get more satisfaction from the process. Perhaps plans weren’t carried out just as you wanted or you were disappointed in something the company did. Whatever the reason, you deserve to get what you want for your loved one. You can find a company that will provide that and perhaps that’s a different company this time.


2-Your Loved One Wanted Something Specific


You might know the services that the funeral home you used in the past had available since you have experience with them. But if your loved one wanted something specific and the old funeral home doesn’t have it, that’s a reason to move to a funeral home that does have what they requested. Most funeral homes have cremation services today, but perhaps there’s a specific type they wanted and the old funeral home doesn’t carry that option. You want to give them what they want and that might mean a different provider.

3-Price Options Have Changed


Funeral homes should have fair prices. That’s all there is to it. If you go back to the funeral home you used before only to notice that their prices have changed, you might want to look around a bit. There might be a funeral home that has better prices that are more fair. You want something middle of the road that showcases fairness as well as quality. If the prices are too low, your loved one might not get the quality you want. If the prices are too high, the funeral home might be taking advantage of your grief and that’s not fair, either.

If you are trying to plan final services for a loved one, you might have been through the process before. The funeral home you used before might have worked well so there’s no reason to switch to another provider. But if you weren’t happy or have another reason for switching, there are plenty of others funeral homes in Enon, OH that you can consider. The professionals at Littleton & Rue Funeral Home and Crematory are here to help you give your loved one the kind of services you want for them. Give us a call at any time with questions.

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