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funeral homes in New Carlisle, OH

It’s wise of you to take a tour of the funeral homes in New Carlisle, OH you are considering for final services when a loved one passes on. You want to know all of the details about that company so you don’t feel regret for using them later. After they pass your initial tests on their websites and over the phone, you will want to go visit the facilities before you make a final decision to use them. Here are some of the things you are going to want to look for during that visit.


Spaces For Services

Many people like to have final services, whether it’s a funeral or a memorial service, right there in the funeral home. It’s very convenient, after all. When you visit the funeral home, whether you know where you want to have services yet or not, look at the spaces they have available for those services. You’ll want to know if they have something large or small enough for the group you plan to have.


Calming, Re-Assuring Décor

Take a look at the décor in the funeral home as well. It likely isn’t going to be somber and depressing, like you might expect. It should have a calming feel to it, but should also feel filled with hope. You want your family to be surrounded by natural light, soft and bright colors, flower pictures, and things that will lead them into a hopeful future instead of dragging them down during an already hard time.

Clean Facilities

Check out various parts of the facilities, including the bathrooms, the corners with couches where people can chat and grieve, and other areas. You should see nothing but well-kept, clean areas no matter where you look. You want everything to be in order so you know they are capable of also caring for your loved one in the manner in which they deserve.

Welcoming Professionals

The experts who give you the tour and any you see along the way should be friendly and professional. Anyone you see while you are there should treat you with compassion and support so you know what they will be like during the planning process. You want your family member, and the rest of your family, to be working with professionals who know what they are doing and know how to work with grieving individuals.

When you are working on final services for a loved one, one of the first steps is to weed through the funeral homes in New Carlisle, OH and decide which one you are going to use. The professionals at Littleton & Rue Funeral Home and Crematory are happy to answer your questions by phone and we can certainly give you a tour as well whenever you are ready to take that step. We want your loved one to be well cared for and we believe that you deserve the same care and treatment as you are going through a rough time with your family.

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