Involving Kids In A Memorial Service

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When you lose a family member, it’s a good idea to put their needs first. Once you care for them through cremation services in New Carlisle, OH, you can figure out what you want to do for a memorial. The memorial service can take place at any time and it can be whatever you want it to be. If the person was important to your child, you might want to have them at the service, or even to be a part of the service. There are a lot of different things they can do. Here are some suggestions to help you to keep them occupied in important ways.


Give Them Jobs Around The Service


As you prepare for the service, there are all sorts of small jobs that your child might be able to do. When you get the order of events bulletin back from the printers, you might ask your child to fold them in half. You could have them help you to stick pictures to a memory board for the memorial table. They can even help bake cookies for the reception. Whatever you need done, think of small ways your child can help so you can do things together and they can feel a part of the event.


Add Activities At The Memorial


Memorial services can be whatever you want, but it’s nice to add activities that your child, and other children that might attend, will enjoy. If you are having a picnic in the park, why not have some yard games like frisbee, croquet, and other such things set up so the kids have something to do. When you have something inside, there could be a kids’ coloring table at the back of the room. Think of your child, and other kids, that might be in attendance.


Pay Attention To Them


Kids grieve as well and their grief might be different than what you are experiencing. But when the memorial service comes along, you are going to have a lot going on, but you don’t want your kids to fall by the wayside. Make sure they get attention throughout the day. Seek them out and pull them aside to see how they are doing. Keep them nearby for hugs and ask them what they are feeling. You want them to have the attention they need from you all day long.


Allow Them To Make Suggestions


As you make plans for the memorial service, you might want your child to give you some input to feel a better part of the day. If you are going back and forth between two songs, unsure as to which one your cousin should sing as a solo, ask your child which one they like better. Ask them what foods there should be, what drinks they like, and other things that they feel your loved one would appreciate. Those suggestions can be helpful and they can help your child to be more a part of the service after cremation services in New Carlisle, OH, too.


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