How to Choose the Right Music for Funeral Services

funeral homes in Enon, OH

There are lots of elements that are included with services you might have at funeral homes in Enon, OH, and funerals are generally traditional services that have certain elements included. You might want to have some music, for example, and choosing that music can be very important to the feel of the service. Here are some tips for choosing music for the funeral home service when you get to that point.


Consider Live Or Recorded


Before you look too closely into songs that you might want to include, you might think about whether you want to use live or recorded music. Live music means you have to find someone to play or to sing. If you have a friend who has talents in that area, live music can be very special, but there’s also nothing wrong with playing pre-recorded songs. You can also just have your guests sing certain pieces of music as a group.


Remember What Your Loved One Likes


You are going to want to do everything you can in any kind of service you plan to include your loved one’s style and personality. The music can do that as much as anything. If they loved a certain band, a certain song, or a certain genre, you will want to choose music along those lines. It can help remind everyone of a part of that person and there can be a lot of sentiments and even memories attached to music.


Choose Songs With Meaning


There are certain songs that are going to have meaning and if you know which ones they are, they can really be impactful at a funeral. You might use a song the person had played at their wedding, for example, or something you knew they adored and sang along with every chance they got. Songs have emotional impacts and the right songs can really help you hit the right notes, so to speak.


Look At Lyrics


When you look at certain songs, you are going to want to look at the lyrics as well. Make sure they go along with the message you want to convey. You don’t want anything with foul language in it that you didn’t know about it, for example. Lyrics can also help you to choose one song over another because of what the song is about.

funeral homes in Enon, OH


Ask Others For Advice


If you aren’t sure which songs to choose, you can talk to other family members and see what they think. They might have ideas and options or they might know the name of the song that you are trying to think up yourself. That will help you to get something the whole family is going to appreciate.


When you are working with funeral homes in Enon, OH, there are lots of details that go into the funeral services. You will want to choose the right music, for example, and the professionals at Littleton & Rue Funeral Home and Crematory can help you with that and everything else included.

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