Have A Traditional Funeral And Break The Mold

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If you want to do something unique and special for your loved one with funeral homes in New Carlisle, OH after they pass on, you might feel that doing something like a cremation service can help you. It certainly can. You can do whatever you want around a cremation service and the memorial can be completely unique. But more and more people have cremation now than ever before. Having a traditional funeral service can actually break the mold and feel like a more unique way to go in today’s society. Here are some things you can get from going that direction.

Appreciate The Visitation

The visitation is a traditional service that takes place a few days after death, but before the funeral service. You can have an open casket, if you choose, so you, your family, and the community members that attend, can see your loved one. This is a nice way to get closure and recognize that this person you loved is gone and not coming back. The visitation is also an opportunity to get together with family and friends and gather the support you need to get through this hard time. Having the people you love in one place can really mean a lot.

Enjoy the Floral Gifts

Flowers are always a lovely thing to have in the background of a service. Flowers are traditional for a funeral and you might enjoy getting something yourself, or just watching what comes in from friends. The scents, the beauty, and the meanings behind the flowers can really mean a lot. You can save some of the flowers to take home, dry some out, press some in a book, and enjoy them as a whole.

Choose The Right Music

Funerals are always unique, in part, because of the music you choose for your loved one. You could have guests sing hymns, or you could have a friend offer special music. You could play songs that they liked from the radio and so on. The right music can make the funeral feel completely unique and meaningful.

Have Someone Give A Eulogy

The eulogy is an important part of the funeral process. It can be very memorable and you want to choose just the right person for the job. The person should be someone who knows your loved one, but also someone who would be able to stand up and speak without getting overrun with emotions.

Process To The Cemetery

Once the funeral process is complete, the guests will process to the cemetery for the burial portion of the service. The funeral home can help to get people lined up and once you reach the cemetery, you can have someone say a few words, lay flowers on the casket, and other such things.

Invite Family To A Reception

IT’s often nice to have a reception after the services with funeral homes in New Carlisle, OH so you can spend more time with your family, supporting one another. This is a great remind of the wonderful people you still have in your life.

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