Getting Remains Back After Cremation Services

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When a loved one passes on and you decide to have cremation services in Springfield, OH for them, the first thing you are going to concern yourself with is their needs. You have to have a cremation package for your loved one and that is all you have to get. These packages, even the most basic, are going to cover everything your loved one has to have. They will get the transportation they need, the cremation process, and a simple container. Once the cremation is complete, you are going to need to get the remains back. Here are a few things you can do in order to get them in due time.

Choose An Urn

While you don’t have to get an urn for your loved one, the simple container the provider gives you with any package will suffice, depending on what you want to do for your loved one afterward, you might want an urn for their remains. Having an urn can help you to transport the remains easily and it is a nice thing to have at a memorial service as well. Before you get the remains from your loved one, you might want to pick an urn so the professionals can place their remains inside for you.

Find Out The Timeline For Pickup

When you get the cremation package lined up, the professionals should be able to tell you when you loved one’s remains will be processed. You will then want to know when you can pick their remains up. They might have a window for you to consider. Some cremation providers will hold onto remains for months, if necessary, while others can only hold remains for a matter of weeks. Most families want to get the remains back as soon as possible, but there are circumstances that might cause you to delay picking them up. Figure out those specifications before you arrange for pickup.

Offer Names For Delivery

The cremation provider won’t release your loved one’s remains to just anyone. They are going to want to know who can pick the remains up, or to whom and where they should deliver the remains once they are processed. You might only want your name on the list or, you might want a backup in case you are ill or can’t pick the remains up in a timely manner for any other reason.

Find Out How Long Ashes Are Held

Most cremation providers are willing to work with you if you have extenuating circumstances. However, if you simply don’t show up to pick up the remains, many providers have a policy in place as to how long they will hold unclaimed remains. If you have any questions, clarify that with them before you move forward.


If you are trying to figure out the details around a loved one’s cremation services in Springfield, OH, the professionals are there to help you through every aspect of the planning and implantation of the services they need so you can move forward.

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