Funeral Services Call For Unique Gifts

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There’s nothing wrong with sending flowers or a sympathy card to someone you know who lost a loved one. That’s always a nice way to go. However, if the person who is working with funeral homes in New Carlisle, OH on final services for their loved one is close to you, you might want to send them something more unique and personalized. There are a variety of nice things you can send to someone who is grieving that can help you to show your support.


Gift Cards To Unique Locations


Almost every store sells gift cards and if you think about good locations, you can come up with something just right for your friend. Perhaps there’s a restaurant in town they’ve been wanting to visit, but never got the chance yet. Send a card to that place and tell them to let you know how it is when they try it. You might send them a card to a local spa so they can treat themselves to relaxation and a massage. Send grocery cards since you know they are going to be feeding more family members during this time. There are plenty of options to consider.


Streaming Options


Even though your friend is grieving, they are going to need breaks from that and distractions from the plans on occasion. You might know a certain streaming service has a new show on it they would adore. Sign them up for that streaming service and allow them to give themselves a break from time to time. That can help you to support them, give them something they need, and entertain them in a different way at the same time.


Feed Birds For Them


If your friend adores birds, or perhaps you know their loved one was a birdwatcher, get them a bird feeder or a bird bath. You can get a clear bird feeder with suction cups that attaches right to their window. They can watch the birds come and go while they sip tea inside their home and think of their loved one. You can also give them bird seed, or gift cards to somewhere that has it.


Special Jewelry


Jewelry can be very special and sentimental when it comes from the right person and is customized for the right occasion. You can give your friend a jewelry piece, for example, that has their loved one’s initials in it. Perhaps a locket that they can place their picture in. You can get them something with their loved one’s birthstone in it or choose another option. There are plenty of choices and you know what they would wear and what they would appreciate at this time.




While flowers are always a nice gift, plants are something your friend can keep. When you give them a plant, it’s something they can nurture and grow over the years. They’ll think about you and the loved one whenever they see it and care for it, even well after funeral homes in New Carlisle, OH.


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