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If you are going to attend a visitation at one of the funeral home in New Carlisle, OH to honor a loved one, or support a friend who has lost someone special, it might be intimidating. Perhaps it has been a long time since you went to a visitation or, maybe you have never been to one at all. Visitations are different than funerals and you will want to treat them as such. Here are some details that will help you fit in and be as comfortable as possible during this event.


What To Wear


Keep in mind that what you wear will mean a lot more to you than anyone you see at the visitation. As long as you are dressed somewhat appropriately, no one will notice or ever remember what you are wearing. You don’t have to wear anything overly formal or dressy, as you might for the funeral. Instead, you can go with a business casual look. Dress respectfully, but it’s also okay to stop into the visitation on a break from work in your work attire. It’s more important that you are there than that you wore a certain outfit.


When To Arrive


Most visitations are several hours long and while you would not want to be late for a funeral, you don’t have to be at the visitation at a certain time. You will want to aim to show up sometime within that time range, whatever it may be. If the visitation is from 3-5 in the afternoon, you can arrive at 3, but you could also arrive at 4 or any time in between. You don’t have to arrive at the start time and you don’t have to stay until the end. In fact, most of the time, only close family will stay the whole time. Others will come and go, staying only for 20-30 minutes.


How Long To Stay


You don’t want to overwhelm the family and make them feel as if they have to stand and chat with you for the whole visitation because you are sticking around. Instead, you will want to share your condolences with them, visit the casket (if you choose) and move on. Overstaying can be hard on them since they probably have a lot of people they need to speak with in the midst of their own grieving.

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Approaching The Casket


Part of the purpose of a visitation is to see the person who passed on in the casket and hopefully get closure over their death. However, you absolutely do not have to approach the casket. If you are going to support a friend who lost a loved one and you don’t really even know that person, there’s no need to go up to the casket. If you feel uncomfortable in any way, you also don’t have to approach, even if you knew the person. The decision is completely yours.


Funeral homes in New Carlisle, OH are here to help you with the details surrounding final services. Contact the professionals at Littleton & Rue Funeral Home and Crematory at any time with questions. 

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