Funeral Home Reception Ideas For Your Family

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When you have services for a family member at funeral homes in Enon, OH, you can do a variety of things, one of which might be having a reception for your family after. It can be nice for your family to spend more time together in a casual nature. If you haven’t made plans for a funeral reception before, here are some things you might want to consider for that event.


Have Photos On Display


It’s always nice to have your loved one’s photos on display for any part of the event, including the reception. You can bring whatever pictures you had at the funeral home or you can choose something unique. Since the reception is usually more casual in nature, it can be nice to have pictures that are candids and show your loved one on vacation, taking part in hobbies, and other such things. These pictures can show your loved one in some of the unique ways that made them who they were.


Share Memories


One thing you might want to do at the reception is go around the table or the room, and share memories of your loved one. It’s nice to talk about them in a way that is more casual and not related to the funeral. You can share your favorite time they made you laugh, something funny they did, or even something they got in trouble for in high school. It can help to make you smile, laugh, and remember your loved one for the best parts of them.


Have A Toast To Them


Raise a glass to your loved one and toast them. Have a drink, whether it’s tea, coffee, water, or something else, in their honor. You can toast to a life well-lived, to the best brother ever, or whatever else you want that would draw attention to the kind of person they were to your family.


Serve Favorite Items


Receptions can have a variety of foods available, and you might want to serve some or your loved one’s favorites to help you to bring even more attention to the kind of person they were and to some of the memories they have left behind. If they had a sweet tooth, even something as simple as decadent chocolate chip cookies (their favorite!) at the dessert table can stand out. You can have someone bring their recipe of potato salad and someone else bake their famous zucchini bread, too. Even if you have a restaurant or caterer do most of the food, having a few special items can help to make the memories come alive.


Create A Playlist For The Deceased


Your loved one has a certain musical taste and you can have music on in the background of the reception event to show that style and personality, too. The professionals at funeral homes in Enon, OH can suggest sound system options and it can help you to have a playlist ready that is upbeat and reminds you of them with every song.

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