Funeral Home Reception Details To Consider

funeral homes in Enon, OH

After services at funeral homes in Enon, OH, many families like to have a reception for friends and family members to gather for further time together. While this is a tradition, it can also be customized and can be a very nice time to enjoy time with family. Sadly, not a lot of families are able to gather all in one location very often and sometimes, funerals are a bit like reunions. It can be nice to spend the time together when the opportunity presents itself. Here are a few details to consider as you make those plans.


Bring Photos


You might have had pictures around the funeral home during the service to remember your loved one. You should bring those photos, or others, along to the reception. Perhaps you can pass around a photo album or even just place a large picture of your loved one around the table with your family so everyone can remember why you are gathered. Some of the pictures might bring about memories that are fun to share during this time.


Decorate To Their Personality


You can decorate the venue, if you so choose, and you might want to do so in a way that brings your loved one’s personality to light. If they loved soccer, get some flat soccer ball decorations to hang or use napkins that looks like the ball. You can use colors they enjoyed or other things you know they would appreciate.


Involve Music Favs


Your loved one probably had certain musical tastes and whether you liked them or not, sharing those songs they enjoyed with your family can bring back memories and open the day to their spirit. Play some of their favorite bands in the background and let the memories flow when the song you always remember them singing out loud in the car starts playing.


Share Memories and Laughs


When you are with your loved ones, it’s a great time to share memories together and even laugh over good times you had with each other and your loved one. You might have a sharing time where people can take turns standing up and sharing. Or you can keep it casual and let things flow as people chat and share what they want. You might learn new things about your loved one as other people share memories.

funeral homes in Enon, OH

Catch Up


It’s nice to simply catch up with loved ones as well and at the reception, which is more casual, there’s nothing wrong with catching up on life. You can chat with people you don’t always get to see about how their work life is going and what school is like for their kids and so on.


There are lots of things you can do to customize services at funeral homes in Enon, OH and the professionals at Littleton & Rue Funeral Home and Crematory want you to feel good about the reception you have for your family after those services are complete as well. We can help you with options and ideas.

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