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Funeral homes in Springfield, OH have experts on the funeral home area and they can help your loved one get their needs met when they pass on. These professionals also know a lot about death in general and their expertise can help you understand the processes that come after final services. There are five stages of grief that you may move through as you strive toward healing. Keep in mind that you don’t have to go through all of these stages. You also don’t have to have a timeline in place. Grief is going to be unique in everyone and you don’t have to go through the same emotions you did the last time you lost someone, even. But having information might make you feel better, so here are some details on those stages of grief.


The First Stage: Denial


This stage is something that some people skip, but it can be hard for others to get through. When you first hear that a loved one passes away, you might have an impulse to deny the fact that they have died. That’s a defense mechanism that can work to shield you, but only for a short while. The fact of the matter is that your loved one is gone and they aren’t coming back. The sooner you come to terms with that, the better.


Moving Into Anger


Some people skip this stage, but it’s also a stage that people can get stuck in. It makes sense that you would be angry about your loved one’s passing. You don’t want them to be gone and the fact that the universe took them before you were ready can make you angry. Try to keep things in perspective when you are in this stage and don’t play the blame game. What happened happened and you can’t change it now, even with anger.


Bargaining Tools


If you could bring your loved one back, you would bargain all day. This stage is something you wish would work, but it just doesn’t. It doesn’t matter what you promise or what you try, the person is gone and they are not coming back. You will want to find a way through this stage, if it hits.


Depression Is Common


Depression is one of the stages that everyone feels and many people get stuck within. You are going to be sad and you might even feel hopeless, at some points of your grieving process. Gather support from family and friends and do what you can to move forward. You can also get support from grief counselors and support groups, if you feel the need.

 Funeral homes in Springfield, OH

Accepting The Death


You don’t want to accept that your loved one is gone, but once you have services with funeral homes in Springfield, OH, it might be easier for you to do so. Having acceptance will help you to move forward with your future in a new way. The experts at Littleton & Rue Funeral Home and Crematory are here to help you work through any stage that you may get stuck in.


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