Finding The Right Urn—What Not To Do

cremation services in Springfield OH

When you have decided that cremation services in Springfield, OH are what you want to do for a loved one who has passed on, you will want to get them into professional hands with a cremation provider. Then, you will start to look over the cremation packages. These packages are all-inclusive and they have everything your loved one needs. That can be really helpful because you know even if you purchase a package and nothing else, your loved one will have what they need. But, you will also want to look at the extra options, one of which includes buying an urn. If you decide that you’d like to purchase an urn, here are some things you won’t want to do.


Don’t Avoid Having A Budget


You are going to need a budget when you go into the urn purchasing process. You might have an overall budget in mind for the whole service, and that’s a good place to start. But you had to spend a certain amount on the cremation package and then, you know what you have left. You can break that down even further and perhaps decide on what you want to spend just on the urn from there. Having a budget can help you to avoid something you don’t need, like spending way too much.


Don’t Forget To Ask About Size


It’s important that you don’t go out and buy a random urn without talking to the cremation provider. These professionals can help you understand that urns are made in different sizes and your loved one requires a certain size based on their height and weight. When you know what size you need, then you can go to any vendor and get what your loved one needs. You certainly don’t want something that is too small.


Don’t Forget Functions


If you buy an urn that looks nice without thinking about how you want to use it until later, you might be disappointed in the option you got. For example, you might want to keep an urn in your family home so you want something sturdy and long-lasting. Getting a ceramic urn can work, but you want the urn to be safe, which might mean getting metal or wood or something that is highly sturdy.

cremation services in Springfield, OH

Don’t Buy Materials Without Looking Around


It’s wise to buy an urn that fits your loved one’s style in every way. You will want to look around at the materials before you choose one material over another. Knowing what’s out there can help you narrow things down and make the right choices for your family and loved one as a whole.


If you have cremation services in Springfield, OH in process for a loved one, you can work on getting an urn and other details with the professionals at Littleton & Rue Funeral Home and Crematory. We’re here to help you with the options and support you with compassion the whole way through no matter what you decide.

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