Did You Know About These Cremation Facts?

cremation in Springfield, OH

Since ancient times, cremation in Springfield, OH has been an option for people who have passed on. Societies now lean toward it almost exclusively, and in some countries, they almost wholly rely on this method. However, there are a wide variety of facts about cremation that most people don't know. As such, we're going to bring some of them to light.


The Ashes Aren’t Genuine Ashes


Your ashes aren't ashes. They only resemble an ash-like appearance. The remains are the ground-up bones of the dead. If you look deeper, you'll see that it isn't solely burning the body. It's ensuring that nothing should remain.


Japan Is Almost Solely Focused On Cremation Instead Of Burial


The country of Japan is almost entirely based upon cremation. Research has indicated that their rates have reached the ninety-ninth percentile regarding cremation. The popularity mainly stems from the fact that it's more economical and practical for their country. While cremation was a source of debate for years, it is now more common because Japan doesn't have the space to bury all of its dead. Because of that, cremation is a better option as their space is minimal.


You Can Send Ashes Into Space


Although you'll see that there are laws against spreading your ashes in certain places, the same is not accurate for space. It became famous after a Star Trek alum had his ashes carried to an area in a rocket. It also brought the ashes of a famous astronaut and hundreds of others. Other people who have been to space are famous planetary geologists and space enthusiasts. When you take this option, you'll be sent with over a hundred other people as this is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.


Pets Can Be Cremated If You Want Them To Be


It isn't just humans that can be cremated. Your pets can be cremated as well. Pet cremation is widespread and the most common way to honor your pet. As with human remains, you can have them placed in a mausoleum or take the urn home with you.


Spreading Ashes In Theme Parks Is Illegal


We all know which theme park we are talking about, and if you ever hear the word HEPA cleanup, you'll know why. The most common place that people do this is on their haunted ride. However, you shouldn't do this, as three things can happen if caught. You can get banned for life, escorted out with a warning, or face fines and possible jail time, depending on what they decide about the seriousness of the situation.


Separate The Truth From The Lie


When you hear about cremation services in Springfield, OH, some things are true, and some things you can see are not. Because of that, you'll find that you can get confused about what you should do and believe. Hopefully, our list has helped to clear up some of the confusion and ensure you know what's legal and what's not! We hope you found our list to be interesting and informative!

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