Cremation Services Come With Options

cremation service in New Carlisle, OH

Many people choose a cremation service in New Carlisle, OH for their loved one because there are a lot of options that come with that reality. You can have a funeral service, and it comes with traditions and ceremonies. That can be cathartic and that can help you to move forward. However, the cremation option allows you to do something more unique and personal. The cremation process will take soon after your loved one’s needs. Any cremation package you choose will cover their needs. Your loved one will get transportation, the cremation process, and a simple container for their remains. After that process is done, you will have the option of any kind of service you want for them. Here are some things to consider.


Simple Services At The Grave


You can still bury your loved one in the cemetery, even after cremation. You can have a simple graveside service, which can help you to get the closure you need. The services can be small and intimate and more on the direct manner, but they can also be very special and meaningful.


A Funeral-Like Memorial


If you want to have traditions in your loved one’s services, you can still have a memorial service that feels like a funeral. These memorial services can include all of the things you would in a normal funeral. The only difference is that your loved one is present in their urn, not in their casket. But you can have the order of events that feel similar to a funeral.


Life Celebrations


Cremation also allows you to take steps in a different direction. You can celebrate your loved one’s life, for example, instead of mourning their death and thinking about the sad things. Going over happy memories and good times you had with them can be another way to honor them.


Ash Scattering Ceremonies


One of the things that a lot of people do when they lose a loved one and choose cremation is scattered their loved one’s ashes at some point. You can do that right away, or later once you are ready for the process. This ceremony can be simple and small and just include a few family members and friends. It can be a part of a larger memorial service, or it can be simple and the only thing you do for them. You can scatter things in one location or several. You can even distribute your loved one to family members who can scatter them in a variety of locations near them for another special way to go.


When you decide that having a cremation service in New Carlisle, OH is a good thing for your family member, that’s an honorable decision to make. Once the cremation package is chosen and your loved one is taken care of through cremation, you can then move forward with other decisions. You might have a burial, an ash scattering, a memorial service, or something else of that nature. There’s no timeline on those decisions and you can do what you want, when you are ready to move forward.

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