Celebrating the Life of a Passed Loved One

Moving on after the death of a loved one isn’t easy. It doesn’t happen by trying to forget about the loss or ignoring the sadness. It starts by remembering the person and celebrating the good. While funerals have long been the way of doing this, many people now prefer to have a “celebration of life” service.


A celebration of life serves the same general purpose as a funeral. However, rather than being somber and structured, celebrations of life tend to be more creative and, well, celebratory. These services can look very different from person to person.


Some may merge the more traditional elements of a funeral with personalized, celebratory moments. Truthfully, a celebration of life service is what you make it.


Reflect Who They Were

Celebration of life services tend to be very representational of the person and the life that they lived. Photos (and even video) are a great way to do this. This can include various photo displays, along with a prominent slideshow highlighting your favorites.


These days, there are usually plenty of photos available to choose from. You can even send a request to friends and family asking them to send you photos they have. This creates an inclusive way for others to share their own memories of the person.


It’s common to play their favorite music as well. This can include background music, as well as special numbers that are performed.


As for decorations, you can go with the traditional flowers and center pieces, or you can opt for décor that better reflects them.


During the service, you may consider having an open mic time, allowing people to approach and share a quick memory.


A Unique Memorial for a Unique Life

At Littleton and Rue, we want every life celebration we host to be unique to the person its honoring. We never view a memorial service as a routine process. Rather, it’s an opportunity to make things easier for you and help capture the spirit of the person who has passed.


We walk with you through each step of the process, from final preparations to service order and the final resting place of your beloved one. We are accommodating for all beliefs, faiths, lifestyles, and relationships.


For a funeral home in Springfield, Ohio, contact Littleton & Rue today.


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