Benefits of Pet Cremation

Unless you own a pet, you’ll never truly understand what it’s like to lose one. It will be difficult for the entire family to accept that a beloved and faithful pet has passed away. And just like you’d do what you can to honor a human family member who has died, you’ll want to do something special to mark the passing of a faithful animal companion that was every bit a member of the family. One popular option in New Carlisle, OH is a cremation service. You might not have known that deceased dogs, cats, and other animals can be cremated. But they certainly can.


Here’s a look at a few of the benefits of cremating your beloved pet after it has passed away.


Memorial Options

After the cremation, you can scatter your pet’s cremated remains someplace special. Did they love to spend time romping around in the backyard? Perhaps you can scatter the ashes there. If there was a tree whose branches they had sought refuge under on sunny days, you can scatter their ashes there. You can also bury their urn in the backyard if you please. Some people choose biodegradable urns. Whether you go with a biodegradable urn, a metal urn, or an urn of another material, you can bury your pet’s cremated remains. Another memorial option is cremation jewelry. This option can provide a way for you to symbolically take your beloved pet with you anywhere you go. It will quickly become one of your favorite pieces of jewelry.



As compared to the expense of finding a plot in a pet cemetery, pet cremation is usually a more cost-effective option. It can be expensive to take care of a pet – especially if they were unwell during the final months or weeks of their life. So cremation will offer a cost-effective option for you to give your pet a fitting final send-off.



The cremation procedure is convenient and simple. All you will have to do is bring your beloved pet to the crematory – or arrange to have someone at the crematory pick it up. Some families prefer to have the crematory pick up their deceased pet from the vet – if that’s where your sick animal was put down or otherwise passed away. This can simplify things for you if you’re too distraught to have to personally transport your deceased pet to the crematory. Once the cremation is completed, you will get the cremated remains if you want them.


If you’re looking for a provider of pet cremation services in New Carlisle, OH, we can help. We have a separate cremation facility onsite specifically for pet cremations. Losing a pet can be a difficult process for families and individuals. Our pet cremation services provide a dignified choice when dealing with the loss of a pet. When you need to ask some questions or to plan a cremation give us a call to speak with one of our staff members.

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