Benefits of Life Streaming a Funeral Service

When it comes to planning a funeral service at a funeral home in Springfield, OH, things have gotten a bit more complicated. COVID-19 has had an adverse impact, and it’s even changed how people are able to mourn for their dead. The good news is that funeral homes are adapting to the new realities by implementing government directives to keep customers and staff safe.


Funeral homes have had to reduce the sizes of funerals and cremations. But there are things you can do to deal with this – and one way is to use live streaming. Here’s why.


Include More People

As was mentioned above, funeral homes have had to cap the number of people who can assemble in the same space, whether indoors or outdoors, for funeral services. That can be disappointing for families who want to give the deceased a big final send-off. But by using live streaming, you can have a large event. You will be limited to how many people you can have on-site, but you’ll be able to include many more people virtually.


Keep Vulnerable People Safe

When it comes to the coronavirus and staying safe, there are some people who are more susceptible to the virus and its negative impact than others are. So if you have family or friends who are more vulnerable, you will want to look into live streaming the event. These people will be able to participate without potentially jeopardizing their health.


Include Those Who Otherwise Might Have Skipped it

Let’s face it. Not everyone wants to go to a funeral service in a church or chapel. Some people would rather communicate their well-wishes with a bouquet of flowers or a sympathy card. But if you include live streaming as an option, people who would never have physically attended the funeral might decide to tune in via their computer or some other mobile device. The live streaming option might simply make such people feel more comfortable about participating.


Archive for Those Who Aren’t Available for Real-Time Viewing

Another reason to consider live streaming is that the funeral service will be archived. This means that people who can’t make it to the scheduled event will be able to watch it later on.


People from Around the World Can Tune in

You can also accommodate people from around the world if you live stream the funeral service. If family or friends live in other countries, it will be a good idea to live stream the event so that they can attend virtually. This is important at a time when there are so many travel restrictions.


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