Are Cremation Urns Required?

cremation services in New Carlisle, OH

If you decide on cremation services in New Carlisle, OH for a loved one, there are several things you need to do. One of the first things that needs to happen is you will have to get the paperwork in order. One of the most important documents is the death certificate. You will need to have official copies of that in order to proceed with the cremation process. You will want to get a lot of copies of that document so you can use it for other things. You will also have to sign consent forms for the cremation. You will also need to look through cremation packages with your chosen funeral home. One of the nice things about cremation is that it’s very simple. Once you choose a cremation package, that’s all you have to have. It comes with everything you need.


The Simple Container

Any cremation package you get for your loved one will help you to give them everything they need. One of the things that those packages include is a simple container for your loved one’s remains. Once they are cremated, you can use that simple container and they will have a place to reside. The containers included are simple, like a cardboard box, but they will work and are respectful.


Urns Can Easily Be Customized

While simple containers are going to work just fine, they are all the same. When you decide to get an urn for your loved one, you can customize them for that individual. You can get a material that you think they would appreciate in a color they liked. You can even have things written on the urn, perhaps engraved or painted on. These things can make the family feel like they are doing something special to honor their loved one with their container.


Functions Vary

Urns have the same function overall in that they can act as a container for someone’s remains. But they also have varied functions that you might appreciate as well. If you want to keep your loved one’s remains in your home, for example, you might want a sturdy urn that has a top that screws or snaps into place so you don’t have to worry about the container breaking or spilling if something were to happen to it. There are also urns that make the scattering process easier if you are moving in that direction. Those functions can help you to choose an urn that will work well. 

cremation service in New Carlisle, OH

Keepsakes Or Memorials

An urn you get for a loved one can also be used as a keepsake in the future. Even if you scatter their ashes, you can keep the urn as a memorial to them. You can place it in your home empty with a picture of your loved one nearby to remember them.

All you need for cremation services in New Carlisle, OH is a cremation package, which comes with a simple container. But the professionals at Littleton & Rue Funeral Home and Crematory can show you urn options if you want to get something unique for your loved one.

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