Are Cremation Services For You?

cremation services in Enon, OH

There are some questions that are easy to answer. Do you like watermelons? Yes or no. Do you prefer jeans or leggings? But there are other questions that are much deeper and harder to answer. When you think about the end of your own life, perhaps you aren’t really sure what you want. The good news is that when you plan ahead, you have time on your side and you can look into the options and thoroughly decide. Here are a few things that can help you determine whether or not cremation services in Enon, OH are right for you.


Yes, If You Want/Need A Smaller Budget


Cremation services are right for you if you appreciate the method in the first place and you want or need a smaller budget for the process. IF you are going to pay for your own final services once you have the plans in place, and you only have a certain amount to put towards the process, then it can be the right call. Or, if you want to leave money behind for the service and you don’t want it to cost much, cremation can also help. Also, if your family is going to pay for your services, you might not want to put a huge cost burden onto them. Those are all great reasons to choose cremation.


Yes, If You Want Flexibility


There’s some flexibility with any service you choose, but there are huge levels of flexibility with cremation over a funeral home service. If you want your family to be able to set whatever timeline they want on a memorial service, having cremation can help them to do just that. While things can happen soon after your death, you can also give your family the choice of putting the services off a week or longer in order to plan their own travel so more can gather in your honor.


Yes, If Want A Varied Resting Place


The cemetery burial process is the only option after a traditional funeral. If that’s not what you want for yourself, then cremation is the best choice for you. With cremation, you open the door to a variety of options for final resting places. You might like the idea of being scattered or having a family member keep your urn in their home. There are plenty of choices to consider.


When you are trying to decide between funeral home and cremation services in Enon, OH for your own pre-plans, there’s no right or wrong answer—both are completely honorable and respectful. With time on your side, you can take your time thinking about the choices until you figure out just what you want for your future. The professionals at Littleton & Rue Funeral Home and Crematory want you to make informed decisions. We are here to give you a consultation whenever you want to call or come in. We’ll answer your questions at any time and help you to figure out what direction you want to take with this process.

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