Affordable Direct Cremation—What Do You Need To Know?

cremation services in New Carlisle, OH

There are many different decisions to make when a loved one dies. You are grieving and emotional and it can be hard to think straight. If you are considering direct cremation services in New Carlisle, OH, but you don’t know all of the details, you should get the information straight so you can make the right decision for your family member and feel confident about it. Here are some of the things you might need to know in order to move forward.


What All Is Included In Cremation Packages


Funeral homes are going to have packages for lots of different service options, one of which will be a simple, basic, direct cremation. Even if you choose a package that is straightforward, rest assured that your family member is going to get everything they need. You can look through the package to be even more sure, but these packages are all-inclusive and while you are welcome to add whatever you want, getting just the package will make sure your loved one’s needs are met. Cremation packages are going to include transportation for your loved one to the crematory, care, the cremation process, and a simple container for their remains. You will know what all of that costs based on the package price, which makes it easier to budget for other things you might want to add.


Other Options That Could Be Involved


While cremation packages cover everything your loved one needs, there are plenty of other things you can add to the package, if you choose to do so. The most popular thing people add is an urn or another kind of container, perhaps a scattering tube. While the simple container the provider give you with any package works fine, an urn might feel a bit more personalized and special. IF you have a certain purpose or function in mind, like displaying it at the service or keeping it at home, it might be a good idea. You can also plan a memorial service, get cremation jewelry, find permanent memorial products, and add any number of other things.


The Timeframe For Things


Direct cremation can happen quickly, within a few days of your loved one’s life, but you don’t have to do much to prepare for it. You will need to sign cremation consent forms and have official copies of the death certificate as well as choose a cremation package. After that is complete, the cremation can proceed and you have no timeline on anything else. You can move forward with a memorial service any time you want and you have no timeline on figuring out what you want for your loved one’s final resting place, either.


If you have further questions about Cremation services in New Carlisle, OH, feel free to call the professionals or set up a time to come in and discuss things in person. They are there to help you through the hard planning process. They want to care for your loved one’s needs and ensure your family honors them nicely.

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