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Many people don't understand what goes into a funeral in New Carlisle, OH, and because of that, we're here to give you facts about death and funerals that you might not know. A funeral director will always be the person you can ask any questions to, and they'll be able to inform you about anything you want to know. However, our facts might surprise you as well as educate you. Keep reading for interesting facts about funerals!


There Are More Funerals Than You Think


Because there are approximately over a hundred thousand deaths daily, at least three hundred thousand funerals are going on weekly. These are vast numbers to consider and one of the most likely reasons that cremation is on the rise in many cases.


Cremation Is Used Almost Solely In Certain Countries


Because of space and other issues, some countries rely solely on cremation because it's faster and more accessible for people to honor their loved ones. As stated above, it also comes down to space. For example, in Japan, space is so limited that they are almost at the one hundred percent ratio for cremation, and their country is known for being the number one country that has made this their disposal method.


Selfies Can Hurt


More people die from selfies than from oceanic shark attacks. While this one sounds a bit far-fetched, research has indicated that more people do stunts that they shouldn't do with social media and put themselves in dangerous situations. Because of that, more people have been found to die from selfies and other social media activities.


You Can Cremate Pets


Most people aren't aware of this, but you can cremate your pets. Many people have found this beautiful because you can keep your pet with you forever. This began because people wondered about placing their pet in an urn or box and keeping them close and figured if you could cremate humans, why not do the same for our furry friends?


The Victorians Believed In Wearing Black For Longer


After the funeral in the Victorian age, a widow was expected to wear black for at least a year following the death of their spouse. After the anniversary had passed, they could only wear dark colors for the rest of their lives. Mourners were also forbidden to go to any social gathering for at least six months or more, and laughter was frowned upon.


Funerals Have Changed


As you can see from the information we've shown you above, there are many different ideas and rules surrounding funerals, and your funeral home director in New Carlisle, OH will be able to help you separate fact from fiction. While many people used to be stricter in the past, you can see that things have significantly changed in our present times. Death is always something that people think about, and because of that, they have started planning their funerals early. We hope our list above has shed great light on death that you might not have thought of before.

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