Memorial Products

Littleton and Rue Funeral Home and Crematory is committed to making sure families have good information and the best choices available to them when they are selecting cremation and burial merchandise.

Our staff is knowledgeable about all of the merchandise we show to families and are able to clearly explain the differences in materials and prices so you can make the selections which are best for you.



Littleton and Rue has many styles of wood and metal caskets to choose from in all price ranges. Several can be customized on short notice. We also have ceremonial caskets which are used for families want to have a visitation before cremation, but not purchase a traditional casket.

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Most cemeteries will require an outer burial container called a vault. The casket is placed inside the vault and the vault will maintain the integrity of the ground surface at the cemetery. We have sample vaults and the materials they can be made from for you to see and learn about the differences.

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Memorial Jewelry

Meadow Hill helps you create keepsakes of the people you love and the times you want to remember. Three-dimensional Thumbies are crafted from fingerprints, footprints or handprints using the time-honored process of lost wax casting. The finished pieces are ever so touchable, making real our memories at each state of life's cycle.


Registry Books and Cards

Littleton and Rue can provide customized registry books, custom printed memorial folders to be distributed to attendees, and acknowledgement cards you can send to friends and family who have supported you. Our staff will help you choose styles and content for them and take of having them made for your service.