Funeral Services

At Littleton and Rue, we believe deeply in providing for the human need of saying goodbye, and we know the funeral ritual fulfills a unique role in that process.  

Even the most simple funeral rituals help people:

  • By providing stability and order in the often chaotic period of early grief
  • Accept the finality of death and acknowledge our loss
  • To tell the story – who they were, what they believed in, and whom or what they held dear
  • Express the faith and values of the life well lived
  • Gather the community in support of the family and the grieving community itself

Just as no two people are the same, no two funerals are the same at Littleton and Rue.  See how we center our services on the life of a person with unique memorials.

Littleton and Rue offers families of Springfield and Clark County the flexibility of any level of service they may wish to have.  Our services include:

Complete Funeral Service – Available for families who choose burial or cremation, we offer viewing for the family and/or the public, a memorial service. If wanted, a procession to any cemetery for permanent placement can take place. 

Graveside Service – Available for families who choose burial or cremation, some families choose to have a visitation at our funeral home and graveside ceremony instead of a memorial service.

Immediate Cremation – Some families choose to have cremation take place as soon as possible, with no visitation.  Some choose to have a memorial service at Littleton and Rue, or with their faith community, with the urn present.  Some families opt to have a private scattering or other private service.

Direct Burial – It is possible to also have an immediate burial if no visitation or memorial service is planned by the family.

What Littleton and Rue Does For You

No matter what level of service you choose at Littleton and Rue Funeral Home and Crematory, our professional staff will take care of all of the details and help you focus on your friends and family by minimizing the number of tasks you need to be involved in completing.  We will help with:

  • Arranging all details of funeral plans
  • Securing necessary permits and death certificates
  • Care and custody of your loved one
  • Coordinating all details with the clergy
  • Arranging the music you have selected
  • Placing obituary and funeral notices in newspapers
  • Assisting in arranging for burial or cremation
  • Assisting in arrangements for cemetery space, grave opening and closing, flowers and monuments
  • Arranging transportation for you and the members of your family prior to, during, and after the funeral
  • Supervision of the funeral or memorial service
  • All necessary arrangements for transportation, funeral service, and burial if the deceased is to be sent to a distant location

For more information about our Professional Services, please contact us by e-mail or call at (937) 323-6439. We're here to help.