“They understand that each person’s life has dignity, that’s why they are so good at what they do.”

-Jennifer & Rob Oller

Rob and Jennifer Oller share their personal experience of loss and how we assisted them. We are thankful they have shared their story and how our services made a difference for them.

“Littleton & Rue are here to help you.”

-Renae Hall

Renae Hall explains why she chose Littleton & Rue when she had to arrange services for her husband, Larry. Renae shares her personal story and explains that the reputation of Littleton & Rue was important in her decision. We are honored that Renae has shared her experience for others.

“Our family has always chosen Littleton and Rue. They have empathy and compassion.”

-Peggy Ault

Learn why Peggy Ault and her family has chosen Littleton and Rue for generations. We're honored Peggy has allowed us to share her thoughts with you.

"Planning ahead with them took a lot of stress off our family."

-Jeff & Dee Horne

Jeff and Dee share how planning in advance for parents, made a difficult time much easier. We are honored and thankful they are sharing their experience with you.